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Vault Training

Yurchenko - Vault Training

This is a gymnastics training product to suit the needs of artistic gymnastics teachers and coaches worldwide. Browse the product by clicking on the exercises below or using the menu on the right to find progressive methods for different gymnastics skills on vault. We offer special preparatory exercises, depending on the gymnast's level, which are shown in each section. Moreover, requirements for visual control are also included.


  1. Handspring - Front Tuck Somersault.
    Handspring - Front Tuck on Vault
  2. Tsukahara.
    Tsukahara on Vault
  3. Yurchenko.
    Yurchenko on Vault

Author: Neli Tankusheva, Ph.D.,
Gymnastics Department at the
National Sports Academy 'Vassil Levski',
e-mail: nely_gym@abv.bg

Desigh & translation of the product:
Stefan Kolimechkov,
Expert in Physical Education