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As a qualified gymnastics coach, with more than 7 years experience with pre-school and school children, we would like to introduce some of the greatest events in Stefan's career with the following video presentation.

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  • Club Performance 2015

    2015 Club Performance

    February 2015
    The Advanced Boys Squad of Elite Gymnastics Academy CIC - London has done a great performance at the Edmonton Leisure Centre!

  • Stef - Gymnast, Coach, Legend

    T-shirt: Stef - Gymnast, Coach, Legend

    December 2014
    We are more than grateful to present you this marvellous present, the T-shirt 'Stef - Gymnast, Coach, Legend', made by Matthew, 11, and his family for coach Stef.

    'This is one of the best presents I have received so far. Thank you!'
    Stefan Kolimechkov, London 2014

  • Club Performance 2014

    2014 Club Performance

    July 2014
    Coach Stef and his Boys Squad (Elite G.C. ) have done an astonishing performance at the 2014 Elite Gymnastics Club Competition in London. The audience at the Edmonton Leisure Centre had the amazing opportunity to see many artistic gymnastics skills including Somersaults in tuck, pike and straight position, Various Handstands, etc...

  • Hadley Wood School Gymnastics Performance

    Hadley Wood School Summer Fete 2014

    June 2014
    Artistic gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive exercise programs available to children. Moreover, it incorporates physical strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, and discipline. Here we are at the 2014 Hadley Wood Primary School Summer Fete and our slogan is very straightforward - every single child should have the chance to get involved in the sport of gymnastics.

  • Grange Park School Gymnastics Performance

    Grange Park School Summer Fayre 2014

    June 2014
    Coach Stef demonstrated gymnastic skills together with his gymnasts from Elite GC at the annual summer fayre of Grange Park School in London.

  • 2014 London MTC Gymnastics Championships

    2014 London MTC Gymnastics Championships

    May 2014
    The boys squad of Elite GC has taken part in the 2014 London MTC Gymnastics Individual Championships at the Europa Gymnastics Centre.

  • Elite Gymnastics Club - London

    'Elite Gymnastics Club' - London, United Kingdom

    Year of 2013
    2013 Elite Gymnastics Coaches Team. Stefan Kolimechkov started working for Elite Gymnastics Club in London, UK in January 2013.

  • I Love My Coach
    I Love My Coach

    December 2012
    We are grateful to present you this lovely present, the speacial tea cup 'I Love my coach', made by David Shaumian, 8, and parents (Dessy and Erik) for coach Stefan Kolimechkov.

    'I would like to say Thank you so much to my best gymnast - David and his lovely family for their dedication, care and love through all these years!'
    Stefan Kolimechkov, Sofia 2012

  • GC Levski Spartak 08 - Sofia

    Gymnastics Club 'Levski Spartak 08' - Sofia

    2008 - 2012
    Stefan Kolimechkov has coached for 5 years at one of the biggest Bulgarian gymnastics clubs - GC Levski Spartak 08 - Sofia. From 2008 to 2012, we participated in many sports events and gymnastics tournaments, cups, championships all over the country.

  • Artistic Gymnastics Show 2012

    Artistic Gymnastics Show 2012

    16 December 2012
    'Gymnastics Party' is a special gymnastics show, organised by Stefan Kolimechkov, which aims to popularise physical activity and healthy living amongst children. After receiving lovely comments for the show last year, we are happy to present you - Gymnastics Show 2012.

  • 9th International Gymnastics Tournament Lyubcho Solachki 2012

    9th International Gymnastics Tournament 'Lyubcho Solachki' 2012

    2 December 2012
    Welcome to the 9th edition of the International Artistic Gymnastics Tournament Lyubcho Solachki. Once again, many clubs from all over the country as well as gueasts from abroad arrived in the city of Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) for the annual event.

  • The Best of 2012

    The Best of 2012

    Year of 2012
    Here is our special video clip, which is all about the best moments of 2012. It includes many astonishing photos on gymnastics elements, videos form our training centre as well as footage from different competitions and tournaments.

  • Christmas Show 2011

    Christmas Show 2011

    20 December 2011
    Welcome to Christmas Show 2011, organised by Gymnastics Club 'Levski Spartak 08' - Sofia at the Gymnastics Centre Levski.

  • 8th International Gymnastics Tournament 'L. Solachki'

    8th International Gymnastics Tournament 'Lyubcho Solachki' 2011

    20 November 2011
    After a colourful opening ceremony, the 8th International Gymnastics Tournament 'L. Solachki' was opened with a short speech delivered by Jordan Jovchev, (president of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation and Gymnast N1 in the planet for 2003). Amongs the VIP guests were also Krasimir Dunev from Bulgaria (Silver Olympic medalist on Horizontal bar) and Dimosthenis Tampakos from Greece (Rings Olympic Champion).

  • Gymnastics Show 2011

    Artistic Gymnastics Show 2011

    6 November 2011
    We present you for the very first time our special event - Gymnastics Show 2011, organised by Stefan Kolimechkov. Our goal is to popularise physical activity, especially artistic gymnastics as a sport, and healthy living amongst children.

  • The Best of Summer 2011

    The Best of 2011

    Summer 2011
    Our new video clip The Best of 2011 is now on. It includes some of the best movements of the summer this year. Big well done to our advanced gymnasts David and Viktor.

  • National Sports Panorama 2011

    National Sports Panorama 2011

    29 April 2011
    'Sports Without Borders' Foundation organised the National Sports Panorama 2011. The main purpose of the gathering was to initiate a future partnership between sport and education, get information how schools and associations cooperate and define needs and interests.

  • Gymnastics For Children 2008-2010

    The Best of 2008-2010

    2008 - 2010
    This is our first video ever - 'Gymnastics For Children' 2008-2010. It is a compilation of the best moments in terms of photos and videos from 2008 till 2010.

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