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Journey of a Lifetime

This is my journey, a journey of a lifetime. Here you can witness the most significant events that have shaped my life (listed below in chronological order). From the first split to the first competition, from school to university and beyond, from being a student to becoming a teacher and researcher, from the past to the present... The bottom line is this, life flies, so take your chances, follow your heart and passions, make the most of it while concentrating on the things you love, and enjoy every moment! Above all, do not give up on your dreams!

The Story of Stefan Kolimechkov

Events Archive

  • British Citizenship Ceremony (2020)
    • United Kingdom
    British Citizenship Ceremony

    At the age of 33, I accomplished one of my lifetime goals, I obtained my British citizenship.

  • London Regional Championships 2019
    • United Kingdom
    London Gymnastics Championships 2019

    I took the 5th place at the London Championships. No medal, but still a winner. Never Give Up.

  • Doctor Stefan Kolimechkov
    • Bulgaria
    Doctor of Philosophy

    The biggest and most important event in my life to date, my official public PhD defence.


  • London Gymnastics Championships 2017
    • United Kingdom
    London Gymnastics Championships 2017

    I became the London Rings Champion for the third consecutive year, after winning this event in 2015, 2016, and now in 2017.

  • London Regional Challenge 2016
    • United Kingdom
    London Regional Challenge 2016

    I won the gold medal on Rings at the 2016 London Regional Men's Artistic Gymnastics Challenge, and became a two-time London Rings Champion.

  • London Open Gymnastics Championships 2015
    • United Kingdom
    London Open 2015

    Being part of the London Open for a third year in a row has been an amazing experience for me, and I will always remember each of these events.


  • London Regional Challenge 2015
    • United Kingdom
    London Regional Challenge 2015

    I won the Gold medal on Rings at the 2015 London Regional Challenge, which was held on the 26th of April at the Europa Gymnastics Centre.

  • London Open Gymnastics Championships 2014
    • United Kingdom
    London Open 2014

    I took part in the Men's London Open Championships for the second time. Once again, I performed on the Rings with one of the best gymnasts in the world.

  • London Open Gymnastics Championships 2013
    • United Kingdom
    London Open 2013

    I took part in my first international gymnastics competition, representing the Elite Gymnastics Club in London.


  • Bulgarian Gymnastics Championships 2012
    • Bulgaria
    Bulgarian Gymnastics Championships 2012

    I was ranked 4th in the National Men's Rings Final, and this is my best result to date.

  • Pirin Gym Camp 2007
    • Bulgaria
    Pirin Gym Camp 2007

    The Pirin Gym Camp was a self-organised training camp held between 22 August and 3 September 2007 in the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria.

  • Primorsko Gym Camp 2006
    • Bulgaria
    Primorsko Gym Camp 2006

    The Primorsko Gym Camp was an organised summer gymnastics camp held between 8 and 16 August 2006 in the beautiful town and seaside resort Primorsko in Bulgaria.