GC Levski Spartak 08 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Gymnastics Club Levski Sofia

Stefan Kolimechkov
Head Coach at GC Levski (2008-2012)

Gymnastics Club Levski Spartak 08 Sofia

Gymnastics club Levski is one of the biggest clubs for the sport of gymnastics in Bulgaria. GC Levski is also a member and part of Sports Club Levski, which is the oldest sports organisation in the country.

The club has had many great gymnasts, one of whom was the Olympic champion on Pommel horse in Seul 1988 - Lyubomir Geraskov.

Stefan Kolimechkov started working as an assistant coach at GC Levski in 2007. The same year he was registered for a 4 academic year full time higher education course leading to the degree Bachelor of Arts (programmes: Sports and Physical Education). In 2008, the club started from scratch and needed new coaches, therefore Stefan was given the position of an artistic gymnastics coach and chance to have his own groups of children. Later on, he became a head coach in the male section of GC Levski.

Stef created the first gymnastics blog in Bulgaria, about artistic gymnastics training for children, in 2010. The main goals were to popularise gymnastics as a sport, to involve more boys and girls in artistic gymnastics, as well as to present up to date information to all parents and their children, who were doing gymnastics from 2008 to 2012 at Gymnastics centre 'Levski' with coach Stef.

Stefan was awarded a Bachelor's degree in Sports science with professional qualification for an artistic gymnastics coach in 2011, after excellent defence of his thesis paper and excellent grades on the state exams in front of the Gymnastics Department and the Physical Education Department at the National Sports Academy 'Vassil Levski' Sofia. The following year, Stef obtained a Master's degree in Physical education.

In the period between 2008 - 2012, we participated in many sports events and gymnastics tournaments, cups, championships all over the country. Moreover, we organised our own event (annual artistic gymnastics show), which aims to popularise physical activity and healthy living amongst children. The best of all can be found here on our new Gymnastics Coaching Page. To find out more, please use the quick links menu on the top left corner.

Probably one of the most important achievement is our scientific research, entitled 'Assessment of the Daily Diet of Pre-school and Young school Children who are doing Artistic Gymnastics', which has had a positive impact on how and what we eat. We believe that the results and the following presentations made you (all parents and children who participated in this research) think about the importance of being involved in physical activities and gave you scientifically proven evidence about the benefits of doing artistic gymnastics.

At the end of 2012, Stefan Kolimechkov was awarded by GC 'Levski' for his contribution to the club. The award was presented by Mr Nikola Prodanov (president of GC 'Levski' & ex-president of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation) and Mrs Stanka Pavlova (honorary coach of Bulgaria & Sports Director of GC 'Levski') during the annual Christmas Show. They whished Stef the very best of luck in the United Kingdom and told him that he should never forget the place he grew up, and that is exactly this great club Levski Spartak 08 Sofia.


Video: We are Levski from Sofia

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Gymnastics at GC Levski


The Very First Gymnastics Group

First Gymnastics Group

30 May 2008


The First Split

Gymnastics - Split

May 2008


We Are Growing Strong!
at the end of the year, more and more childrne are involved

Gymnastics Groups - GC Levski Sofia

31 October 2008


Photo of The First Boys Squad
who represented the club in competitions

10 April 2009


Getting Professional ...
building great qualities (flexibility, agility, strength, speed, etc.)

Flexibility in Gymnastics

30 December 2009


The First Diplom
awarded by the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation

Diplom by the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation

27 March 201o


Photo For Our First Calendar
and New T-shirts for the Blue Boys from Sofia

GC Levski Spartak 08 sofia - 2010

December 2010


Lots of Games & Lots of Fun

Gymnastics Centre Levski Sofia



Taking part in the
International Gymnastics Tournament - L. Solachki

International gymnastics tournament

19-20 November 2011


Not everyone can get the gold medal,
but everyone can be a winner!

GC Levski Spartak sofia - Champions

22 April 2012


Good Bye!

GC Levski Spartak award

21 December 2012