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Levski Gymnastics Club: Gymnastics Show 2011

Artistic Gymnastics Show 2011

Gymnastics Show 2011

Gymnastics Centre Levski, Sofia, Bulgaria, 6 November 2011

Artistic Gymnastics for Children - Flexibility

We present you for the very first time our special event - Gymnastics Show 2011, organised by me, Stefan Kolimechkov. My goal is to popularise physical activity, especially artistic gymnastics as a sport, and healthy living amongst children.

Special thanks to: Martin Nikolov (photos), Ralitsa (video), Eli & Sasho (organisation) and all parents, friends and guests.



This is a promo video of our gymnastics show. To watch the full film, please scroll down this page.

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Gymnastics Programme

Opening Ceremony + awards

Floor Exercise - Vassil

Still Rings Simulator -
Stef Kolimechkov (Head Coach)

Floor Exercise - Advanced Gymnasts up to 10 years age:
David, Viktor, Bojidar, Branimir, Sashko, Vassil & Georgi

Vault - Vassil

General Gymnastics Group -
Erika, Toni, Krisi 1, Krisi 2, Misho, Maxi, Marti

Parallel Bars - Viktor

Pommel Horse - George

Preparation group on Floor:
Alex, Emcho, Yavor, Velizar & Mitko

Still Rings - Viktor

Floor Exercise - David


Dear parents, friends and guests, I would like to tank you very much for taking part in our special gymnastics event.

Yours in Sport, Stefan Kolimechkov


Full Film: 'Gymnastics Show 2011' (45 min.)

Video formats: MP4 | Ogg | WebM |
Watch it on YouTube