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Coaching at the Elite Gymnastics Academy

Elite Gymnastics Academy CIC London

Elite Gymnastics Academy CIC,
Edmonton, London, UK

I worked as a gymnastics coach at the Elite Gymnastics Academy for a period of 8 years, between 2013 and 2020. Elite Gymnastics was founded by Olga Berzing (elite rhythmic gymnast) in 2007 in North London. In 2015, Elite Gymnastics Club changed its name to Elite Gymnastics Academy CIC. The club operated from 3 locations in North London with the main base being the Edmonton Leisure Center in Edmonton. Elite Gymnastics Academy is a member of British Gymnastics and offers group classes in general gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics.

Elite Gymnastics at Edmonton Leisure Centre

I coached, performed (featured in the middle on a Japanese handstand on the photo above), and competed for this club on numerous occasions between 2013 and 2020. As a gymnastics coach at the Elite Gymnastics Academy, I coached general gymnastics to boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 16, and artistic gymnastics to a team of boys (ages 7 to 16). Many of my gymnasts won certificates, medals and trophies from club and regional artistic gymnastics competitions in London.

Fergus won 2 gold medals for the Elite Gymnastics Academy

The top achievements in our gymnastics competitions were made by my amazing gymnasts Blake (London Vault Champion in 2014) and Fergus featured on floor on the photo above (London Floor Champion in 2014, London Vault Champion in 2015, and London Floor and Vault Champion in 2017 at the London Artistic Gymnastics Championships).

Coach Stefan Kolimechkov from the Elite Gymnastics Academy in London

As a gymnast myself (one of my best skills featured on the photo above), I represented the Elite Gymnastics Academy in 15 competitions: 4 internationals, 4 regionals, and 7 for masters athletes. I ranked 14th at the International Men's London Open in 2013 and 2016, and I won 3 gold medals at the London Championships in 2015, 2016 and 2017, as well as multiple medals from gymnastics competitions for master athletes in England. As a coach, I contributed to the development of children involved in pre-school, general, and women's artistic gymnastics, and the gymnasts from my boy's squads won multiple medals at club and regional artistic gymnastics competitions. I also performed gymnastics together with my students from the Elite Gymnastics Academy on multiple occasions in order to popularise the sport at schools and sports centers.

At the end of 2020, after 8 years in this club, I took the decision to leave my part-time role at the Elite Gymnastics Academy in order to concentrate on my passions in life (involvement in scientific research in the UK, and building up my personal training consultancy business). Thank you to Olga Berzing, the manager of the Elite Gymnastics, for the opportunities she provided me at her club, to learn and grow as a gymnastics coach, and to compete as a gymnast.

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