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2016 Bulgarian Gymnastics Championships

Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation

National Championships

Bulgarian National Gymnastics Championships 2016

8-9 July 2016, Armeec Arena, Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgaria
Stefan Kolimechkov (A-Gym NSA G.C.)

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This is the biggest and most prestigious artistic gymnastics competition in Bulgaria, the National Artistic Gymnastics Championships. The first day of competitions consists of the Team National competitions, All-around, and Qualifications for the individual National Finals. The second day is for the Individual National Finals on all of the gymnastics apparatuses. The best 8 gymnasts on each gymnastics apparatus qualify for the Individual National Gymnastics Finals.


In the National Rings Final for the sixth time.

This was my sixth time competing at the National Gymnastics Championships in my sports career. Once again, I competed on the Rings, representing my University team (A-Gym NSA), and I qualified for the National Men's Rings Final. In the final, I was ranked 5th.

At the beginning of 2016, I set myself a clear goal, which was to take part in the National Championships, and, hopefully, to execute my best routine ever. Well, I took part, qualified for the Men’s Rings Final, and although this wasn’t my greatest performance, it was definitely my best of 2016. As usual, after an event of this rank, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am happy that I am still performing to the very best of my ability, but, on the other, this is still just not good enough to scale the required heights.

On 7 July I flew from London to Sofia and the next day I went to the Armeec Arena for the 2016 National Gymnastics Championships. This day marked the qualification stages, the All-round and the Team Final, and I performed only on the Rings, representing my university team, 'A-Gym' National Sports Academy, and overall we were ranked 3rd in the Men’s Team Final. The best eight gymnasts on each apparatus qualified for the finals and I was among those on the Rings. On 9 July I competed in the National Finals for the sixth time in my life, following on from the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 National Championships. I was ranked 5th in the Men’s Rings Final and awarded a certificate by the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation.

Thank you so much to all my friends who came along to support me (Georgi, ex-gymnast David and Mum Dessy, ex-gymnasts Misho, Viktor, Dani and their relatives) and a huge and heartfelt well done to everyone who played a part in this competition (gymnasts, coaches, judges, visitors, organisers, etc.).

Later that same evening, after the competition, I flew back to London. See you again soon. Never Give Up!



Club (City)
Gold Medal
Isus Marinov
L. Solachki (Blagoevgrad)
Silver Medal
Georgi Sotirov
Jovchev-Dunev (Plovdiv)
Bronze Medal
Edward Radev
IntercomGroup Ch.U. (Varna)
Denislav Damqnov
IntercomGroup Ch.U. (Varna)
Stefan Kolimechkov
A-Gym NSA (Sofia)
Svetoslav Angelov
Tornado (Targovishte)
Dimitar Dimitrov
Pirin (Blagoevgrad)
Martin Angelov
Cska (Sofia)



STK SPORT Stefan at the Nationals

Thank you so much for your amazing support dear friends! 2016 National Gymnastics Championships, shortly after the Men's Rings Final, 9 July 2016.


Warm up at the National Gymnastics Championships 2016

Ok, let's start with Day 1, Qualifications. Here is My Warm-Up, 8 July 2016.


Artistic Gymnastics Championships at Arena Armeec

I am warming-up some of the elements from my routine on Rings, 8 July 2016, Sofia.


Ready to start my routine on Rings at the National Gymnastics Championships 2016

Here I am at the Nationals for Sixth Time, 2016 National Championships - Qualifications, 8 July | Ready to Perform.


2016 Nationals Gymnastics Championships - Maltese Cross

My Maltese Cross, Qualifications, 8 July 2016.


This is Stefan Kolimechkov performing the iron cross on Rings at the National Championships in 2016

Iron Cross - Qualifications, 8 July 2016, Sofia.


This is Stefan Kolimechkov ready to dismount off the Rings at the National Gymnastics Championships 2016

Dismount - Qualifications, 8 July.


Stefan Kolimechkov - PhD Student competing at the 2016 National Championships

Moment of a lifetime. Executing one on my best Maltese Crosses (I love this skill as it is so hard to achieve) in the Men's Rings Final, Bulgaria, 9 July 2016.


This is Stefan Kolimechkov Performing the Iron Cross on Rings

Strong Iron Cross with open hands. I am competing in the Men's Rings Final for the Sixth Time in my life, Sofia, Bulgaria, 9 July 2016.


Artistic Gymnastics - Handstand on Rings at the 2016 Nationals

My Handstand in the Men's Rings Final, 9 July 2016, Sofia.


Straddle planche at the 2016 Nationals

My Straddle Planche in the Finals of the 2016 National Championships, 9 July.


Men's Rings - Awarding Ceremony Bulgaria 2016

Representing my University team (A-Gym NSA), I have just won the 5th place in the Men's Rings Final at the 2016 Nationals, 9 July 2016. And this is the moment of me congratulating the Rings Champion, Isus (great gymnast).


PhD student Stefan Kolimechkov was ranked 5th in the Men's Rings Final

I was ranked 5th in Bulgaria, in the Men's Rings Final, 9 July 2016, Sofia.



Holding my Certificate for the 5th place in the MEN'S RINGS FINAL at the 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.