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Primorsko Gym Camp 2006

Stefan Kolimechkov

Stefan at the Primorsko Gym Camp, 8-16 August 2006 | Primorsko, Black Sea, Bulgaria Bulgaria


The Primorsko Gym Camp was an organised summer gymnastics camp by the Levski Sofia Gymnastics Club, and it was held between 8 and 16 August 2006 in the beautiful town and seaside resort Primorsko in Bulgaria.


Photo Gallery

Stefan Kolimechkov and Simeon Danov on Handstands

Practising Handstands at the seaside with team-mate Simeon (left), Primorsko 2006.


Stef Kolimechkov - Straddle L-sit

Straddle L-sit on a rock at the seaside in sunny Primorsko in Bulgaria.


The Gymnastics Straddle Lever

And another Straddle L-sit (Straddle Lever) around the town of Primorsko.


Stef and Gabby

I really liked this girl but I was never brave enough to tell her.


Handstand on the top of a boat

I remember I loved doing handstands (and I still do), everywhere and anytime. And here I am doing a handstand on a boat. It does make it more difficult to hold it, as the surface is constantly moving.


L-sit on the top of a boat

And this exercise is L-sit. It is also called Half Lever.


L-sit in Gymnastics - Stefan Kolimechkov

And another L-sit with a beautiful background of the sea and the beach in Primorsko, 2006.