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Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Dr Stefan Kolimechkov completed level 3 British Gymnastics Qualification

I completed my Level 3 Coaching Qualification with British Gymnastics in December 2018.

British Gymnastics

Level 3

Certificate in Coaching Gymnastics


I completed the Level 3 coaching course in Men's Artistic Gymnastics in December 2018. The course was organised by the UK National Governing Body for the sport of Gymnastics (British Gymnastics).



The UKCC Level 3 qualification took the form of practical Technical Modules, covering all six apparatuses in men's artistic gymnastics (Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar), as well as a Generic theory course.

Technical Module 1 enabled me to teach a variety of exciting floor and vault skills. The skills sign-off sheet detailed below is what was required by me to demonstrate (support, progress and deliver, as well as physically prepare participants for the skills) during sign-off with a BG recognised assessor.

Multiple flics Handpspring (on a platform level with vault table)
Whips Tsukahara and preps
Handspring, flyspring combinations Yurchenko and preps
Straight front combinations  
Forward & Backward take offs  
Back full twist  
Front full twist  

Technical Module 2 enabled me to support impressive strength and balance skills performed on the Rings and Pommel Horse. The required skills are shown below.

Circles and travels Multiple inlos and dislos
Stockli A Backward giant
Czech Forward giant
Travel out in side support Back uprise to support
Rears (Kehre) Honma to support
Half spindle Straight arm lift to handstand
360° Russian Handstand drills
Schwabenflanke and wende dismounts Forwards somersault dismount with twist
Shears Double back dismount

Technical Module 3 enabled me to support amazing bars skills performed on both the High and Parallel Bars.

Stutzkehre Top change
Diamidov Swing half turns
Flying back roll Blind change
Forward uprise Gienger roll to mixed
Back up clips Healy to mixed
Back up to handstand Clear circle to handstand
Longswing Stalder
Moy to support Endo
Drop shoot to upper arms Inverts
Undersom to long upstart Squat dislo
Undersom to support Straight back away
Pike front dismount  
Straight back out  
Backwards somersault from bail  

When all the Technical Modules and the post-course technical sign-off, as well as the Level 3 Theory course and assessment are completed, then the full Level 3 award is accredited.



By the end of March 2016 I took all Technical Modules at the Europa Gymnastics Centre in Dartford, and passed the practical assessment (post-course technical sign-off by the BG recognised assessor, Simon Moore, who is an International Men’s Artistic Brevet Judge) for each of the modules at the Sutton Gymnastics Academy in London.

On 3 and 4 September 2016, I took the Level 3 coaching theory at Heathrow Gymnastics Club in London. At the end of 2018, I submitted my portfolio with all required tasks to British Gymnastics, and after an interview with my BG recognised assessor (Julia Jones), I officially completed my Level 3.

Course Topic Assessment
Level 3
Technical Module 1
Floor Exersice
& Vault
Sign-off completed
Module 1 CertificateLevel 3 Module 1
Level 3
Technical Module 2
Pommel Horse
& Still Rings
Sign-off completed
Module 2 CertificateLevel 3 Module 2
Level 3
Technical Module 3
Parallel Bars
& Horizontal Bar
Sign-off completed
Module 3 CertificateLevel 3 Module 3
Level 3
Coaching Theory
Portfolio completed
Theory CertificateLevel 3 Theory



Candidate name – Dr Stefan Kolimechkov

Learners Feedback: 'Overall an outstanding portfolio, you have clearly demonstrated of a higher level of thinking across multiple areas. All tasks show that you have immersed yourself within the processes involved. '

BG assessor, Julia Jones


UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC)

Dr Stefan Kolimechkov has achieved
the Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Gymnastics

UK Coaching Certificate - Dr Stefan Kolimechkov

Issued on 11 December 2018 by British Gymnastics.