Doctoral Dissertation - Timeline

  • 2012: started thinking about pursuing a PhD Degree after a highly successful defence of my Master’s thesis at the end of the year.
  • 2013: moved to the United Kingdom in January and started working in the field of Sports Coaching.
  • 2013: published a peer-reviewed article, entitled 'Assessment of the physical development of pre-school and primary school children practising artistic gymnastics', which was expanded upon the work contained within my Master’s Thesis.
  • 2014: started preparing a Proposal project and improving the methodology from my research.
  • 2015: started conducting my research in the United Kingdom in January, 2015.
  • 2015: in May I sent my Proposal project to the National Sports Academy in Sofia for official approval. One month later, my proposal was officially accepted, and on the 1 July 2015 I was assigned for a three-year higher education distance learning course, leading to a PhD degree in the Physical Education Pedagogy research area, in the following PhD programme: 'Theory and Methods of Physical Education and Sports Training, including Physiotherapy' at the Physiology and Biochemistry Department.
  • 2015: took my compulsory PhD modules¬†at the National Sports Academy, Sofia, from 26 till 31 October 2015
  • 2016: published my first international peer-reviewed article in the African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences in June, 2016.
  • Sep 2016: provided with an annual evaluation report (2015-2016) from the Physiology and Biochemistry Department at the University in Sofia, which states that I have achieved an overall score of 117 points (out of 130) for my first year as a PhD student.
  • Dec 2016: took and passed with flying colours the 'PhD I.3 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis' exam as well as the 'PhD.IV Final Doctoral Examination' at the National Sports Academy. As of 14th of December 2016 I, Stefan Kolimechkov (PhD student, N339), have taken and passed all of the PhD modules at the University in Sofia and I am currently a 2-nd year PhD student.
  • 2017: published an article, entitled 'Physical fitness assessment in children and adolescents: a systematic review' in the European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science in April, 2017.
  • Apr 2017: I was invited to join the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science. This is an international peer-reviewed journal, which publishes academic research in various fields, such as sport, physical activity, health and nutrition, etc.
  • June 2017: I was recognised as a Certified Exercise Practitioner by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.
  • 2017: I am now a 3-rd year PhD student at the NSA, Sofia, and my research, entitled 'Assessment of the Nutrition and Physical Fitness of Primary School Children Practising Artistic Gymnastics', is currently underway here in the United Kingdom.


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