Personal Training Sessions for Older Adults in London

Training For Older Adults


Personal Training Sessions For Older Adults in London

Having had a grandfather at the age of 96 (on the photo above), I am now more and more interested in preserving our health through physical exercises and enjoying a successful ageing. That is why I would like to provide sports training sessions and help older adults to age more actively. I am currently providing one to one training sessions in London, in the comfort of your own home, geared towards your personal goals.


Dear Friends,

Physical exercises are already prescribed by physicians as 'medicine'. Building lean muscle and strength is not just important for looking good or for the performance of athletes, but it is also important for the ageing process. As we age, we will all experience the condition called sarcopenia, which is actually a loss of muscle tissue and strength. That can negatively impact our posture, mobility and balance, and can also leave us more susceptible to injuries from falls. I am offering you a range of physical exercises, mostly bodyweight exercises, which will help you to maintain and improve your coordination, strength, flexibility and balance.

My goal is to provide you with exercises which will help you to go comfortably through your day, make you deal with simple things, such as lifting bags of shopping, looking after the garden or running for a bus.

For the last few years I have focused my research on the health-related physical fitness and nutrition of children and young adults, along with ways to improve our health and sports results through a course of exercise and a balanced diet, but I am more and more interested in the second stage of life, the golden years after age of 50 and successful aging. Should you have some time, please take a moment to view my research papers which are available for reading on this website.

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Personal Training Sessions for Older Adults in London