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1x1 Gymnastics Training in London - 2015

Individual Gymnastics Training at East London Gymnastics Centre, London UK (January 2015)

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Gymnast Matthew K., representing the High Performance Centre in Melbourne, Australia, is back in London for another month of training with coach Stefan.

All training sessions have been conducted at the East London Gymnastics Centre. A special report (consists of 68 pages, which includes all gymnastic lessons, in addition to a health-related assessment of Matthew's nutrition, body composition, physical fitness and physical activity) has been prepared and given to his parents, in its entirety, with the sole aim and purpose of supporting the training process of Matthew.

I (Stefan Kolimechkov) would like to say that it has been a great pleasure for me to teach your son Matthew for the last month. I hope that he will continue building his confidence as well as improving his physical fitness and gymnastics technique. NEVER GIVE UP!


1x1 Gymnastics Training in London - 2014

Short video of our 1x1 Gymnastics sessions at East London Gym Centre in July 2014

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