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Personal Gymnastics Lessons for Adults in London with a Professional coach

Personal Gymnastics Lessons

Hi, this is a unique opportunity for you to book a personal gymnastics session with me, Dr Stefan Kolimechkov, in London at a time and place that suits you best. I am a qualified gymnastics coach, multiple champion and medallist from Adult Gymnastics competitions, and I have worked for a few clubs and schools here in London, providing gymnastics lessons for their students and preparing them for competitions.

Now, for the first time, I am offering personal gymnastics lessons for adults, as I am expanding my sport and health services. For beginners to advanced, you can now book me for a gymnastics session in the comfort of your home/garden or the nearest park in London. We can work towards achieving your personal goals, improving flexibility, relative strength, and learning gymnastics skills.

Remember, everyone can do gymnastics, regardless of age or ability, and I will work flat out to show you that everything is possible. I will share my methods for training and will guide you in your journey into gymnastics.

Every session that you book also supports my research in sport and exercise science.

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