Gymnastics Fear


Gymnastics Fear

Arun Kumar Jayan
Gymnastics Coach, India



There are a lot of fear factors when it comes to gymnastics, because the sport contains many difficult skills, which make many wonder 'Can a human being do all this?'.

  1. The fear to perform the skills
  2. The fear of falling
  3. The fear of heights
  4. The fear of losing

The root of all fears are thoughts that are negative and catastrophic. If the athletes remain composed and disciplined, and maintain positive thinking patterns, then they can ensure themselves a good performance.


Fear can arise from many sources:

- Past falls

- Injuries

- Low self confidence

- The major cause of fear in gymnasts is the 'Out of control thinking'


Can a coach solve this problem?

Yes, up to 40% a coach can solve it.

By well spotting the skills, when they are attempted first, will give confidence to the gymnast like “Superman is there to help”.

A coach can make the gymnast forget the past falls or a negative side of a difficult skill by inputting positive talks into their mind.

Videos play a main role in solving the problem.
Showing a clean and perfect video of the routine to your gymnasts, can make them self motivated.
The coach should also explain the technique which the gymnast can easily comprehend with the visual aid.


What are our gymnasts thinking just before they perform their routine?

- Their thoughts are about crashing, falling, etc. This out of control and negative thinking is a major cause of fear.

- How to perform each and every single skill on their routine in the best way possible, and nail the dismount.

It's their option what to think, before they step up!

The Greatest Barrier of Success is Fear...

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Gymnastics fear

Gymnastics Fear

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