Valentin Uzunov

Valentin Uzunov is an Undergraduate Researcher in Biochemistry at the Portland State University in the United States. He spent more than 10 years coaching gymnastics in New Zealand and the USA. Moreover, he is the founder of the Gym Press website - a gymnastics coaching education portal, and he has published many articles about the gymnastics training. He is also the Illustrator of the famous gymnastics book 'Overcoming Gravity: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength' by Steven Low. Valentin recieved a special award for Excellence in Coaching from 2005, 2007, 2009, by the GymSports, New Zealand.


'After graduating from high school I took up a career in gymnastics coaching. I complete a BA in Health Science, majoring in Exercises Science. I started a gymnastics coaching education website, self published relevant coaching literature, which is now available through EBSCO databases, completed various coaching accreditation and was an active member of several online coaching groups. I was an actively involved and devoted coach for 14 years. I achieved a reasonable level of success attending National level competitions at various levels and ages. In 2013 the reality of life and the limitations of the career I had chosen forced me to search for new opportunities.'

'In 2013 I started studying at Portland State University. I am currently in my Junior year working toward a BS, majoring in Biochemistry. Currently my interests vary, but I believe I will ultimately like to be involved in brain learning biochemical mechanism research.'


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