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    Co-Owner at Greg Roe Trampoline Inc. (GRT), Canada

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  • Greg Roe has been coaching athletes for many years at the top Trampoline Training Facility (Canada) which is currently home to several Olympic Medalists. Greg is a qualified NCCP Level 3 Trampoline and Level 2 Gymnastics Coach. He possess a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the Guelph-Humber University.


'Hello! My name is Greg and I have been in gymnastics and Trampoline my entire life. I started in gymnastics working my way up to Junior National with a few medals on the national circuit before I decided to transfer to Trampoline. I quickly got onto Senior Team Canada and traveled the world competing.

I quickly realized something was missing and started my own business. I currently am Co-Owner in the Gravity Jump Festival and Event Attraction:

I also have created my own Trampoline Park Certification currently in effect and working closely with USAG, IATP and ASTM.

Having over 130,000 Followers around the world has helped me motivate and push the trampoline industry in the right direction.

For articles and tutorials about trampoline and gymnastics please see my website and join our email list.'


Gregory V. Roe
Co Owner Greg Roe Trampoline Inc. (GRT)
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