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  • Arun Kumar Jayan - Gymnastics Coach
  • Arun Kumar Jayan
    Gymnastics Coach, India

Arun Kumar Jayan is a Gymnastics Coach from India. He has been practicing gymnastics since he was 10 years old and this sport is his passion. Moreover, Arun is a State and a National level gymnast and also have more than five years experience in training both boys and girls in Artistic Gymnastics.

In midst of his practices sessions, he got an opportunity to train kids who came to his gymnastics centre. That was quite a turning point of his gymnastics carrier and as he says: 'Now coaching is a part of me and take it quite seriously, spotting and making power point presentation of gymnastics skill so that while coaching, the gymnast can visualize the body movements. I can share my positive attitude to the gymnast, which they can perform ductility without fear.'

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  • Arun Kumar Jayan - Gymnastics Coach - India
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