Floor and Vault Grade 3 Routines for Boys

Floor and Vault routine - Grade 3 for boys


After Grade 1 and 2 comes Grade 3, which has a higher difficulty. Below you will find the new London Gymnastics Floor and Vault routines for boys at Grade 3 in 2020. As the previous grades, the Floor routine includes 10 gymnastics moves, and it is performed on a 12m x 2m carpet.

Gymnastics Floor


  1. Round off, jump ½ turn to immediate...
  2. Cartwheel [front to front] step to immediate…
  3. Kick to Handstand Forward roll (with straight arms)
  4. Jump full turn
  5. Backward roll to front support with straight arms
  6. Squat legs through to Pike sit (hands must stay on floor)
  7. Half lever also called L-sit (hold 3 seconds)
  8. Bridge (hold 3 seconds). Kick over to lunge
  9. Forward roll to straddle stand
  10. Handstand (hold 3 sec)


Gymnastics Vault


  • 6 m run into jump from a spring board to Handstand - flat back


  • 6 m run into jump from a spring board to 1/2 on - front lie


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