Floor and Vault Grade 2 Routines for Girls

Floor and Vault routine - Grade 2 for girls


After Grade 1 comes Grade 2, which is a little bit more difficult. Below you will find the new London Gymnastics Floor and Vault routines for girls at Grade 2 in 2020. The Floor routine includes 10 gymnastics moves, and it is performed on a 12m x 2m carpet without music.

Gymnastics Floor


  1. Kick to Handstand step down [legs must join in handstand, hold not required]
  2. Forward roll to Dish shape [hold 3 seconds] lie flat
  3. Bridge [hold 3 seconds] lie flat
  4. Roll over to front, Arch shape [hold 3 secs.] Push up to Front support [hold 3 seconds] jump to squat feet between hands , stand up
  5. Jump ½ turn
  6. Arabesque [hold 3 seconds]
  7. Cartwheel [front to side]
  8. Cartwheel [side to back]
  9. Backward roll
  10. Tuck jump


Gymnastics Vault


  • Step, kick to Handstand on spring board, controlled landing to flat-back


  • Cartwheel to front lie (legs join before landing)


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