Floor and Vault Grade 1 Routines for Boys

Floor and Vault routine - Grade 1 for boys


Here are the new London Gymnastics Floor and Vault routines for boys at Grade 1. The Floor routine includes 10 gymnastics moves, and it is performed on a 12m x 2m carpet.

Gymnastics Floor


  1. Forward roll to stand
  2. Forward roll to straddle sit
  3. Teddy Bear Roll 180°
  4. V-Sit with hands on floor [hold 3 seconds] put legs together into pike sit, roll back to
  5. Shoulder stand. [hold 3 seconds. Rock forward to stand on two feet]
  6. One leg balance, knee above hip height (bent or straight lifted leg)
  7. Backward roll [tucked] (bent or straight arms)
  8. Straight jump
  9. Star jump
  10. Cartwheel [side to side]


Gymnastics Vault


  • Maximum of 6 m run into straight jump from a spring board to land on a landing mat.


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